Effective Ways to Keep Your Office Costs Down

There is one thing that affects big businesses just as much as it does small-to-medium ones, ongoing office costs. These aren’t the costs that the business incurs providing its service. Instead, these are the costs associated with running an office, keeping the staff happy, and managing a productive workplace.

If you operate a small to medium business or you manage the office of one, below are some great ways for you to keep your business costs low.

  1. Switch to VoIP for Your Calls

Before the high-speed internet became the norm, the only and best way to make a phone call was using a traditional telephone. However, with current advances in internet technology, this is no longer the case. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a widespread technology used by names like Skype and Whatsapp. When you make a call, it converts your voice into packets of data and sends them over your internet connection. This means that you no longer have to pay for each call, with the data being taken from your monthly internet allowance and without requiring the person at the other end to make any changes at all.

  1. Use Discounts for Your Travel Bookings

There used to be a time where hotels and accommodation providers offered business rates. This allowed the guest to make changes to or cancel their booking before the check-in date, without a fee. Much in the way that an airline will charge the same (more on this later). While this is now a thing of the past, it can still be an old habit to book with a hotel directly.

To keep your accommodation costs low, start using the Groupon Coupons page for Booking.com to take advantage of deals on the very hotels that you would have stayed at anyway. Not only can you save on the same hotels, but these sites will also let your booking staff see what hotels may be more conveniently situated for the purpose of your stay at similar prices.

  1. Flights!

Just as the tip above, if your office staff are booking business grade flights then you are wasting your cash flow. While these tickets come with the above-mentioned benefit of changing your details, if you were to consider the last time that you had to cancel a business trip and also that a business-grade ticket can cost six times the cost of a regular ticket, you can see where much of your office budget is going.

  1. Switch Car Hire for Uber or Lyft

If your employees need to travel off-site for a meeting or an inspection, the first choice is always a hire car. Even if the meeting will only take up a number of hours. This means that your business is paying for wasted hours of a hire car. Instead, create a business account for a ridesharing service like Uber or Lyft that your staff, including yourself, can use. Both of these services offer professional options also, in the event that you also need to arrange to collect a client from the airport or their hotel.

As you can see, these are numerous ways to cut costs from your office budget, you just need to think outside the box.