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The technology has improved more and that made the people comfortable by gathering all their requirements within a short period of time in the most convenient manner. There are many people using an online site that offers a huge facility for people that can be used easily and quickly. Almost, all the working people are using a computer nowadays and many business people are using it to store their important documents. This helps to stoe all their information in a systematic way rather than following a record in the traditional way. Even, the internet has offered more facilities by storing huge amount of information or data in the cloud and that helps them to access from anywhere in an efficient manner. There are many business people who have such qualities like cloud computing with a vast knowledge of leading business power. It is important to gather all such qualities to develop our business in the competitive world. The leading business people will make their business popular by working hard, knowledge, and by fighting against the obstacles. Mark Hurd is the businessman who is the cloud computing leadership in the business world.

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There are plenty of successive people in the world and each person will be an expert in some field and that make them lead to the highest position in the real world. And now, the famous and the successive person in the computer field is Mark Hurd who is the CEO of the corporation of oracle. He has developed the technology with his innovative idea with different techniques and strategies and become a cloud computing leadership that made him a successive person. There are many Oracle customers are now being benefitted by using the oracle in an excellent way.

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