The match: curtains vs. blinds, what to choose for your windows

To make the right choice, think practical and aesthetic. Take into account your desires, but also the use that you will make of it and above all, think of the atmosphere that you wish to create at home. Come on, here are some ways to get you on the right track. Click here for pencil pleat curtains.

To sleep in complete darkness, prefer curtains

If the blinds are perfect for letting in some or all of the light, they are less so to protect you completely … The light can indeed pass on the sides or between the blades on the Venetian models. Visit this site for pencil pleat curtains.

If the windows of your bedroom do not have exterior shutters, we advise you to opt for curtains. With a blackout model (very thick), you will spend the night and the morning well protected from the sun’s rays!


If you are looking for an extravagant style, turn to curtains

If you want original colors and patterns, you’ll find a lot more choice on the curtain side. The blinds are designed to protect you from the light, but not necessarily to bring a decorative touch to a room.

No hesitation, to find the color that will perfectly recall that of the sofa, or small reasons that will brighten up the decor: prefer the curtains and choose the perfect model with consideration.

For a warm atmosphere, opt for the curtains

Nothing is more pleasant than thick curtains to protect yourself from the cold in winter! They create a very warm atmosphere in which we feel good. This is not necessarily the case of blinds, more basic.

A beautiful pair of curtains dresses easily a room. You choose the material (velvet, linen, wool …) and the color that will blend well in your decor.

To play with the sun, bet on the blinds

The advantage of the blinds and to be able to choose the exact position. Hung above your window, you can put them back together when you’re out of light. You enjoy a full view of the outdoors.

Depending on the time of day and the intensity of the sun, you can then lower your blinds or go up. To completely protect yourself from outside views, simply drop them to the bottom of the window! With a Venetian blind, you can even modulate the light by changing the orientation of the blades.